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My daughter has made such a great improvement since she started going to Creative Learning. We had the worst luck with babysitters and putting my daughter somewhere with people I trust was very important to me. Creative Learning has exceeded my expectations! As well as the teachers, the ladies in the office are always helpful and understanding! My baby girl won’t ever go anywhere else and when I have another child, he/she will be here too!
Sarah & Elly Brymer

Creative Learning is a daycare true to its name; a place where kids can learn creatively. Every day my daughter comes home with a new piece of art that she created and is proud to show off. She is able to be herself and blossom through the daycare’s educational curriculum because it is made fun for her. The staff are a great group of loving, caring individuals that treat each and every child as their own. Additionally, the staff communicates very well about my child’s daily mood, activities, progress, etc. My daughter looks forward to going to school. For a parent it is hard enough to send your child to daycare every day, but with her excitement about going, it makes it that much easier. Thank you to everyone at Creative Learning. You are amazing! 

Angel Root

Creative Learning has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives. After our daughter recovered from open heart surgery just before her second birthday we were elated to hear that a spot had opened up for her here. The amazing teachers have each formed a special bond with our little one. They took the needed special time to help her with some speech and developmental delays due to her surgery. They have also been there to help us through the normal milestones like potty training; learning colors, numbers, and shapes; the dreaded terrible two’s; and sharing. The daily “tattle sheets” are amazing! We always know how her disposition was that day along with how well she napped and ate. In addition, we are always updated on any boo boo’s or tantrums that may have occurred (which we know are unavoidable toddler characteristics) and talk through a plan on how to handle them. While it’s normal to feel a bit guilty that we can’t be stay at home parents and build our careers at the same time, we find complete solace that our daughter is in the most caring and capable hands possible each day. On a recent shopping trip, an elderly lady dropped all of her change on the floor and was having difficulty picking it up. Our now 3 1/2 year old quickly went over to help her pick up every penny. She came running back after helping with the biggest smile on her face and exclaimed,  “Jesus will be so proud of me!”. We know that Creative Learning has played a large part in instilling the strong Christian values so soon. We have recommended Creative Learning to everyone and will continue to count the blessings that it brings to our family each day.
Zachery Buckner